daniel day lewis

Daniel Day Lewis has used his 39 year career to promote sin. As an award winning actor, he is recognized and admired by many. Instead of using this platform to tell the world the truth about God’s commandments, he repeats the ubiquitous lie that "It’s OK to be gay" and no one needs to obey God. He pushes this satanic message through a combination of choosing roles that promote sodomy and using awards acceptance speeches to praise dead fag-enablers.
He is of Jewish descent through his mother. The apostle Paul teaches us that the Jews killed Jesus and that they remain unrepentant reprobates to this day. Day-Lewis’ open and proud support of sodomite filth reinforces this notion. In 1985, at the beginning of his career he played a fag in My Beautiful Laundrette.
In 1995 he had a child with Isabelle Adjani, to whom he was never married, thus promoting fornication by example. His most grievous transgression occurred in 2007, when he dedicated his SAG award to the dead fag-enabler Heath Ledger. He used his acceptance speech to mock the message of WBC and thereby curry favor for his Oscar win. Instead of thanking the humble servants of WBC for warning the yet living members of Ledger’s family to flee the wrath to come, he used it to try to shame and silence them. Read details here.
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    Christ-Denying Jews and Revisionist Historian

  • smith

    His talent is straight to DVD, but his perversion sells tickets

  • penn

    Madonna’s still your wife, Sean. How’s it going in Haiti?

  • ledger

    Brokeback Mountain was a game-changer. Selah.

  • gyllenhaal

    You think Heath paid, but you won't have to?

  • swank

    Glorified lesbianism, so she called God a liar.

  • izzard

    Fagnostic, transvestive comedian. Aka basest of men.

  • brand

    Dude, you’re famous for being a pervert.

  • black

    Media poster boy for doomed race: mocker, scoffer

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    Comedy's version of Ham - that you're popular speaks volumes of the world.

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    What's eating Gilbert Grape? Sin. That's what.

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    Jew. Mocker. Pervert. Kinda redundant.

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    Birdcage - enough said.