charlie daniels

Charles Edward “Charlie” Daniels is a 74-year-old singer, guitarist and fiddler, known mainly for, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” He won a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1979 for this song, and appeared in the movie Urban Cowboy where that song was included in the soundtrack. He worships doomed-america in “In America,” and the disgraced veterans of Viet Nam in “Still in Saigon.” In the 1990s he poked his nose over into the “gospel” and “Christian” records, because he pretends to be Christian.

Manner of Life

Daniels lives in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, but around the pagan holidays he goes to his home in Durango, Colorado, to play in the snow. While in Colorado, in January 2010 God gave him a stroke. He recovered, and ran his big mouth about “the fingerprints of God” being all over that event, because there was a drug available and a life flight helicopter to address the medical crisis. But he refuses to give God any glory in word or deed, and in fact his rage against God has surged since then. He is said to enjoy hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. He is a member and supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA). He married his wife, Hazel, in 1963. They have a son, Charles, and three grandchildren. Daniels has left this handful of people without hope.


Daniels worships the military. He has a "soapbox" page on the Charlie Daniels Band Website, where he holds forth his flag-worshiping religion. He wrote a book Ain’t No Rag: Freedom, Family and the Flag where he bows down to the bloody doomed-american fag-flag—making it clear he’d kill any who won’t worship the flag while blathering about freedom. He jumps on politicians who don’t kiss enough military ass, like in 2004 criticizing Bush for statements about John Kerry’s service record. He criticized Obama for changing from "war on terror" to "overseas contingency operation."


Charlie Daniels has written hard speeches against the servants of the Most High God at WBC —all amped up since God almost killed him—because he’s thankless.
Needless to say he’s obsessed with the WBC watchers, and has a vicious rage towards them—which is actually his rage against God. WBC has parodied his famous "Devil Went Down to Georgia" song, giving it appropriate lyrics given his stark rebellion against God (you can listen to that parody on this page - see player at right). Below is a sample of Daniels' lying, hateful rants against WBC - thank God for Charlie Daniels and his hard, black heart for publishing the words of truth in pretense.
"The Westboro Baptist Church members carry signs that proclaim -- among other hateful and unbiblical things -- "God hates fags," and claim that is the reason we are losing soldiers in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq." 9/17/2010.
“I remember the first time I ever saw any of the Westboro Baptist Church. It was many years ago and I can't remember where it was but I saw a bunch of people at a distance holding up day glow colored signs that said, "GOD HATES FAGS" and "THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS."

… They travel all around this nation leaving rage and pain in their wake, all the time claiming to be doing a service to God and assigning everybody but the ones in their motley group to hell. ***

Their "God" can't be the same one about which the Holy Scriptures say, "God is love" or the one who said that though our sins be crimson He would forgive us and make us as white as snow, or the one who forgave King David after he stole a man's wife and had the man killed in battle.

Certainly He can't be the same one about which Jesus said, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

That can't be the same "God" who "hates fags" and condones the protesting of the funerals of America's heroes or is represented by signs that inform the gentle Amish parents of brutally murdered children, "YOUR DAUGHTERS WERE WHORES AND ARE BURNING IN HELL" or allow words like '"THANK GOD FOR CANCER" to be uttered in His name.

Recently they protested at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, claiming that she went against God's will by having two more children after she lost her son in a car crash in 1996. *** Anybody who thinks that the founders of our country ever meant for our constitutional rights to protect demented people going around disrupting the last rites of human beings and insulting suffering family members is wrong, really wrong.” 12/14/2010.
See his blog.
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