dead/wounded soldiers

The media uses the dead and injured soldiers to promote its agenda—shamelessly pouring over all the details of the dead an injured—and then has the gall to criticize WBC for speaking about the dead and injured soldiers to warn people to stop sinning.

The Facts

Before the Afghanistan and Iraq wars started, as carry over from the Persian Gulf War, the media pressured, cajoled, and litigated, to get access to: soldiers in combat; photos of dead/ mangled/ injured soldiers
As soon as the Afghanistan and Iraq wars started, the media again began pressuring, cajoling and litigation to get access to and publish: soldiers in combat; photos of dead/mangled/injured soldiers; flag-draped coffins with weeping families at Dover; funerals up-close-and-personal at Arlington National Cemetery; open coffins with dead soldiers’ bodies
As soon as the funerals started, the media saw great opportunity to advance their viewer/readership, so they began: showing up at the doorways of the families to intrude into their grief, immediately upon the announcement of the dead soldiers; going to funerals and burials—right up on top of the families and dead bodies—to milk the event for ratings; intruding into funeral homes, churches and cemeteries, to find myriad photo ops, promoting anti-or-pro-war views, through photos and words; glomming on to families, preachers, principals, teachers, friends, neighbors, or anyone else they could find to talk—to right fairy tales about how the soldiers lived and died; permeating the airwaves with editorials making the dead and injured soldiers out to be heroes
The media has intensely focused on every patriotic pep rally, beating the drums, calling for people to come out into the streets in mass, and praising them for trying to drown out WBC’s voice—all in connection with the dead and injured soldiers.
The media has done thousands—literally—of puff pieces about the dead soldiers, injured soldiers, and families of soldiers—with one voice calling all of them heroes—no matter how filthy they live, no matter how blasphemous they may be.
The media constantly uses the dead and injured soldiers and their publicly-false-mourning families, “friends,” “preachers,” teachers, neighbors, and anyone else who will talk—to promote their views about the wars—whether for or against.
Statistics, details, demographics, lives, deaths and funerals of dead and injured soldiers are constant fodder for the media. Thousands of photos and minutes of footage permeate the airwaves—one big weep-and-sob-fest, because it is a great way to increase their ratings.
After all this exploitation of these dead soldiers—for the selfish purposes of making money and promoting their personal views—the media then spends equal time viciously attacking WBC because they use the public platform the media has created to say, the soldiers are dying for your sins, and if you want them to stop dying, you have to stop sinning. We say, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” because of the duty all mankind has to thank God for His perfect judgments. We say, “Mourn for Your Sins,” because that is the only hope for this nation or any individual citizen of the nation.
The media will repeat that which is shocking and enraging—they know WBC’s message shocks and enrages this rebellious self-indulgent nation. So they have printed the signs and repeated the words by the hundreds of thousands—and thereby spread these words. And when one faithless father took WBC to court—ending up at the SCOTUS—multiple media entities and conglomerates wrote amicus briefs in support of WBC’s right to say these words. Because the media knows—underneath their raging hypocrisy—that if WBC can’t talk about the dead and maimed soldiers—neither can they. Meanwhile out of the other side of their mouths, the media pressures the SCOTUS to find an exception, or at least suggests the only way the SCOTUS can rule in favor of the existing law and say WBC has the right to join this public debate, is by holding their nose. In all this process, the media has used the dead and wounded soldiers to promote their causes, and thereby spread the words of the WBC far and wide.
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