pat robertson

Pat Robertson was born just a few months (March 1930) after the Pastor of Westboro Baptist Church. But, rather than suffer affliction with the people of God, Robertson has spent his life making merchandise of the word of God and enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season. In a variety of ways, Robertson has a bully pulpit – he has been given the resources and the ability to get the attention of the people of doomed america, and he does not use that resource faithfully to serve and glorify God. Instead, Robertson is an apologist who is ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
Occasionally, Robertson says some things that are close to accurate. For example, after the 9/11 GodSmack on doomed america, he said in essence: "We have insulted God" with legal abortion and restrictions on religion in public places. "Then we say 'why does this happen?' Well, why it's happening is that God Almighty is lifting his protection from us." God is not just lifting His protection – He is actively fighting against doomed america. God resists (actively, aggressively, effectively) the proud … and this country is good at only one thing at this hour: puffed-up pride!
Robertson does not have a sound mind and a bold heart in the important matters. He wants to water down the unspeakable power of the wrath of God. He does not want to say clearly to this nation of rebels: God is in charge! He has a standard and you MUST obey it. When you show your rebel back side, God will kick it and bring you woe, lamentation and destruction.
Robertson would rather speak smooth things. And so he does. And by virtue of that milquetoast apologist approach he has bilked millions of dollars from the lemmings of america and around the world, and that is why he does business the way he does. Robertson will say a thing that has some partial truth, just enough to be his “conservative” followers/bill-payers charged up a little in their self righteous warm fuzzies. And then he’ll water down that already weak rhetoric when the rebels rage. It’s a cozy little arrangement that keeps his pockets lined; gives the liberal, perverse freaks of the nation a straw man to thump around on; and gives his sycophants cover for their more mainstream sins like divorce-and-remarriage adultery . There’s not a nickel’s worth of difference between the lot of them, and they all – in varying degrees – act as if God’s standards are on the table for dismissal at their whim. Woe unto you, blind guides!
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